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Doing Business with JoCo

Companies are encouraged to contact JoCo to utilize our services at no upfront costs to them. Our services include, but are not limited to: candidate searches, payrolling, personnel consultative advice and salary comparison information. JoCo methodically searches for high-quality candidates for your position. We understand that culture fit is just as important as finding the right skills. Email or call 918-398-7593 to get in touch with us about how to start utilizing JoCo's services.

Client Testimonials

Damon's Story

"Our experience over the years with job placement companies has been nothing short of horrific until we found JoCo"
Web Design Client

Damon, a co-owner of a web design company, contacted JoCo when he saw a need to grow his business. He was leery about utilizing an agency because in the past none of those candidates ever worked out. JoCo toured the business and had an in-depth discussion about the culture fit and skills necessary for a successful candidate. This helped in JoCo's search to find the right fit. JoCo assisted him with HR tips for the interview process as well as onboarding procedure. In the end, JoCo helped the small business grow by adding another successful member to the sales force.

Brian's Story

"We have a solid team of technicians and JoCo is largely responsible for helping me put that team together"
IT Consulting Company

Brian is a director at an IT company where his people are his product. Brian has a need for good developers who are not only technical, but also passionate about customer service. JoCo has helped him build his team through the years and he trusts the quality that JoCo provides.

Bruce's Story

"Whenever I need to make a change to my staff, I immediately think of JoCo"
Small Business Owner

Bruce owns several small businesses and knows that his key asset is his people. Like in many small businesses, Bruce's employees fill multiple roles. Thus, finding him a candidate with a diverse skillset and a motive to work hard was the key. JoCo not only assisted with the screening process, but also sat in and moderated the second and third round of interviews that ensued. He was able to add an accountant and sales manager to fill crucial roles in his companies.

Bob's Story

"JoCo has become a recognized leader in a highly competitive field"
Governmental Agency

Bob, a director of a governmental division, enlisted the help of JoCo due to the strong personal relationship he has developed with the JoCo team through the years. He was looking for his second in command and trusted JoCo to assist him in this crucial search. JoCo did a nationwide search for the right candidate and even helped sell the Tulsa area to the top candidate by hosting him for an evening at dinner.